Teks Drama Dalam Bahasa Inggris

4 04 2011

kami yang satu


(At a femous school in Jakarta)


Head master      : How much our financial income mer!

Treasure              : 1 050 000 sir!

Head Master      : our financial expending?

Treasure              : it less then previous month sir, it’s Rp 350 000

Head Master      : well,  so we can take a little from financial this month

Treasure              : but sir, we will use this money for repairing some building and for buying some   equipments

Head Master      : we can use previous reason that the help of goverment there is no yet

Treasure              : but sir!

Head Master      : silent! This my decition, and i will do it my self, so you just do nothing ok! Let you go to your room!

Treasure              : (she get out)

(in other place, in school yard where many students stay in!)

Rona                      : noni did you  see any stranges in our school?

Noni                      : which the stranges ones?

Rona                      : some brokens building is not repairing yet, this trouble begin when the head master was changed!

Noni                      : i see but we can’t judge the headmaster without any proofs

Rona                      : that’s right, but we can’t just silent with this trouble, we have paid every month to this school!

Noni                      : ya… we have to investigate this problem!

Rona                      : we will find the truth

Noni                      : ok

(the bell is ringing!)

Teacher (edi)     : assalamualaikum every body

Students              : walaikum salam sir

Teacher                : well, let we start this lesson,

It’s about countable and uncountable noun! Who has known about this?

Rona                      : me sir! Countable noun is every thing that we can count

And uncountable noun is every thing that we can’t count it!

Teacher                : ya alright rona! Ok. Let me explain you all ?

Teacher                : (continoue his teaching!)

(After that)

Rona                      : sir would you mind if i ask you about our school and not about our lesson

Teacher                : of course no rona, please!

Rona                      : you are in equipments section! Aren’t you?

Teacher                : yes, so what’s problem?

Rona                      : why some building in this school is not repairing yet?

Teacher                : (silent in awhile) it couse the donation of goverment there is no yet!

Rona                      : why sir?

(sudently mrs. Farah come in to the class)

Mrs farah            : excuse me!

Teacher                : please come in mrs!

Mrs                        : (come to mr. Edi desk) sir we are called for meeting!

Teacher                : when it will start?

Mrs                        :  five minutes later!

Teacher                : ok you go firstly and i will come after you!

Mrs                        : ok sir!

Teacher                : sorry guys, i wish i can teach you full time but i really have to dush, we have a meeeting, please do this task from one to ten!

Rona                      : but sir. How about my question? It is not replied yet!

Teacher                : you can come to my room after all class over!

Teacher                : and don’teacher porget to do this task and collec it at Friday please!

Teachers              : yes sir!

(in the meeting room)

Head Master      : oke let we begain this meeting!

Meri, report please our financial for this month!

Treasure              : yes sir! The financial for this month is rarely some with our previous month, becouse the exspending is bigger then our income!

Teacher                : why the donation from goverment there is no yet?

Head Master      : didn’t you hear she said just now that the donations is not come yet! I have asked them several time but it still like this

Mrs                        : how about scholarship for performance students and poor students?

Head Master      : it would be paid for next month

Mrs                        : but it has canceled five times!

Head Master      : i will think about it tomorrow and we’ll meeting again!

Teacher                : so where all financial expend?

Head Master      : meri! Tell them clearly!

Treasure              : ok. All income for this month we spend for all our debit for making school books and school uniforms and some biology’s tools

Head Master      : so what’s problem?

Teacher                : (silent)

Mrs                        : (silent)

Head Master      : ok we stop until here this meeting, who want to make a complaint please come to my room!

(after school was finished, a woman come to the Head Master room, but some one look this happen,his name is Obi he’s a school-keeper, he follow this woman and hear their conversations)

Rasya                    : good afternoon mr. Mulyadi!

Head Master      : oh my got, it’s you mrs. Rasya? Take a sit please!

Rasya                    : do i disturb your planning sir?

Head Master      : of course no mrs. I’m si glad you can come here!

By the way is there an important thing you should tell me?

Rasya                    : ya! It’s very important for me sir! It’s about my son! Can you help me to pass my son in his exam, (she put an amplove to the headmaster’s hands)

Head Master      : of course, i can help you every thing you want, it will be clear!

Rasya                    : really?

Head Master      : yes it’s my appoitments!

Rasya                    : i have to go now sir!

Head Master      : no problem mrs.

Rasya                    : see you next time!

Head Master      : ok see ya!

(tomorrow morning)

Rona                      : sorry sir, may i ask you?

Obi                         : yes please! What would you ask me?

Rona                      : how long have you been working here sir,?

Obi                         : i have working here for ten years!

Rona                      : is our school getting better when the Head Master was changed!

Obi                         : (silent) let me tell you girl!

Rona                      : (sit awhile obi)

Obi                         : i don’t know about this, when the Head Master was changed from mr. Budi to mr. Mulyadi, every thing become worse

Roni                       : why it happen? Who’s wrong?

Obi                         : i think it couse the financial is not in it’s plece!

Roni                       : is your mean this is Head Master’s wrong?

Obi                         : yes that i mean!

Roni                       : thanks you sir!

Obi                         : welcome!

(in Head Master’s room, but roni and nani hear about their conversations)

Treasure              : sir if we always like this, our financial will be unstable and you always take what is not yours

Head Master      :that’s my obligation, you work for me and now you just silent!

Treasure              : but this school is not yours

Head Master      : dare you debate me as your leader, remember! I can suspendet you!

Treasure              : up to you sir, I…

Head Master      : what did you say? You are suspendet!

Treasure              : with pleasure! (she get out from the room)

(Rona and noni come in to the room suddenly)

Rona                      : sir ….

Head Master      : you don’t know any thing! So don’t talk about what you don’t know!

Rona                      : i know every thing!

(noni come to mrs Meri’s room for taking a secret financial book)

Noni                      : where the book mrs?

Treasure              :here it is! I’ll go to police office!

Noni                      : ok sir!

(in other side in Head Master’s room, mr. Obi come into the room)

Obi                         : it’s right what i guess! You take some from this school financial, and also i see some one bribe you in this room and you accept the bribery.

Rona                      : is it right? It’s a big proff!

Noni                      : and this is the second proof (with the book in her hand)

(the police came and bring this corruptor to the police office)

Roni                       : so who will be a Head Master?

Noni                      : Mr. Edi is not bad!

Teacher                : Why Not?

(       Treasure, rona, noni and farah, lought       )

Head Master                : Mulyadi Syahputra

Treasure                      : Meri Septiani

Teacher (Edi)               : Edi Saputra

Teacher (Farah)           : Hasna Dewi

Rona                            : Rahimah

Noni                            : Nyak Baiti

School-keeper (Obi)      :Rifyal

Wali Murid                 : Rahmawati F



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1 11 2013

drama ini bisa mendukung kita supaya,kita bisa berbahasa inggris dengan baik dan pengucapan kosa kata yang benar.sekian

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